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Brainstormers Report
Scene & Herd

Thoughtful commentary is spiked with satirical imagery in this issue of The Brainstormers Report, which explores the roots of gender inequity in the art world and its complacent acceptance by many insiders. Well-researched statistics charting truncated opportunities for women in the higher echelon of the art world are interspersed with humorous renderings of women artists being abducted, the MFA meat market, and art world scenesters."

- Printed Matter, NY, NY, 2007

Brainstormers Report
Gallery Guide
"The Brainstormers Report picks up the torch carried by feminist artist-activists like the Guerrilla Girls and presents an investigation into the current presence of woman artists in Chelsea Galleries. Designed to resemble the ubiquitous Gallery Guide, the report features a map of Chelsea with gallery names color-coded for the amount of men represented, with 77% of galleries representing more men than women. The pamphlet also contains a satirical debate surrounding the art world's relationship with female artists."
-Printed Matter, NY, NY, 2006
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